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There is no greater joy than working together with people of like minds,  united in kingdom mandate, helping our generation to reach their full potentials in this life for Christ and thereafter eternal life in him. We welcome you on board to participate in any of our unorthodox and unconventional yet spirit-filled ministries.  

RDCC ministry vision is organized in these three core areas, Market Place, Fellowship, and Community Outreach ministries; all are designed to train, coach, and equip participants to win and be victorious in their respective sphere of influence for the glory of God.  

Market Place Ministries: These ministries are designed to develop and empower participants to see their sphere of the industry as a ministry and endeavor to bring it under the reign of Christ's kingdom. These ministries are generally outside the church buildings' four walls and are crucial and penitent to the kingdom mandate. We believe these are great and divine callings and ministries with special grace and anointing on those called to serve in them for the glory of God.  Below are the marketplace ministries, and you are highly welcome to join any of these ministries according to your profession or area of calling.

      * Political Ministry      * Science & Tech Ministry   * Health Ministry   * Business and Economic Ministry               

      * Priestly Ministry       * Entertainment Ministry    * Academic Ministry     


Fellowships Ministries:  Our fellowship ministries are created as a fun group for members of the same social, age, gender bracket to share, encourage and support one another in their walk with Christ with unconditional love. And below are different fellowships, and you are free to join or participate in ones that relate to you.

    *Youth Fellowship          *Singles Fellowship        *Couple’s Fellowship            *Men’s Fellowship    

    *Women’s Fellowship     *Minister’s Fellowship.    *Business-Pro Fellowship     *Senior’s Fellowship  

Community Outreach Ministries: Community Outreach ministries are our acts of love and humanitarian deeds outside of preaching the gospel, but as a helping hand and a tool of evangelism in the community to those in need of any these ministries, showing them the love of Christ in action.  Below are some of the activities and you are welcome to volunteer and serve for the glory of God.

    *Food Pantry           *Job/ Employment Program     *Drug & Alcohol Program      *Community Clinic           *Family Counseling  *English & GED program          *Housing Assistance Program.   



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